The New HPT – Revolutionising Mining Truck Body Design

Austin Engineering has further refined the design specifications that have led the industry to date. Intelligent and innovative engineering is what enabled us to exploit the benefits of high-tensile steel to deliver a high-performance version of the outstanding JEC Series. A stronger, lighter truck body that affords increased payloads and reduced dump cycle time. The HPT resists wear, too. This results in reduced maintenance downtime and increased equipment lifespan. 

Partnering with Mining Industry Equipment Giants

Global mining market leaders release sophisticated evolutions of their powerful haul trucks each year. Industry giants Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, Hitachi and BelAZ are all producing machines capable of tackling the harsh demands of the mining industry, below and above ground, across the globe. Austin Engineering has the enviable privilege of further optimising these machines by engineering and manufacturing equipment that epitomises cutting-edge design and technology, allowing you to achieve more than ever before.   

Industry-led Dump Truck Body Design

Austin Engineering partners with the mining sector to engineer site and payload-specific solutions that ensure maximum industry profitability. The features of the new Austin Engineering HPT truck body have been designed in direct response to feedback from major players in the mining sector who frequently reported frustration with OEM trays. Many companies identify excessive body mass, unacceptable carryback, and maintenance cost and duration as major limiters to optimal productivity. 

Austin Engineering employs sophisticated technologies to validate and refine all of its cutting-edge innovations.

  • CREO – 3D Modelling
  • EDEM – Curated load simulation
  • ANSYS – Fatigue prevention analysis

Consistent industry engagement and continuous product refinement results in premium fit-for-purpose mining solutions. Austin Engineering were identified by Australians Financial Review as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies of 2019.

Increase Your Dump Truck Payload

The lighter weight but higher strength body combined with clever design create a deficit in the total mass of the loaded dump truck tray. This differential, between an OEM tray and an Austin custom-engineered tray can be taken up by additional material, resulting in greater resource capacity and therefore, higher dump volume per cycle. 

The Austin Engineering HPT truck body has up to a 15% overall mass saving when compared to other Austin models, which already offer considerable mass savings over most OEM truck bodies. High-tensile strength steel creates a thinner, lighter tray without sacrificing strength or durability. In fact, the HPT outperforms comparable truck bodies in both hardness and penetrability, boasting a Birnell rating greater than 450HB.  

A slightly lowered V floor angle from 4.5° to 3° allows for flat-floor styling and capacity with V floor functionality. The V floor design drives the load to the centre of the tray and funnels it to the exit point. This enables complete tray emptying, which ensures maximum payload is achieved with every dump cycle.  

At Austin Engineering, we use real-world modelling techniques to guarantee that projected payloads are achieved.

Austin Ultima body

Smart Solutions to Reduce Carryback

Wasted load capacity, lost to machinery carryback, can be a major frustration. The V floor of the HPT dump truck body ensures maximum load transfer by funnelling the payload to the exit point. Front transitional corners carry a greater risk for carryback initiation. The HPT includes a fixed corner plate of either hard chrome or super lightweight UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). The plate ensures complete tray emptying, even at ¾ tilt, without sacrificing volume or adding excessive weight.

Optimise Your Mining Truck Maintenance

The HPT utilises high strength steel with a Birnell rating greater than 450HB. Choosing premium strength steel ensures the HPT truck body is durable and wear-resistant even in the harshest conditions. The simplified design requires less and lower cost maintenance that is more amicable to in-field servicing. It results in overall time and money savings for the end user. The reduced V angle from 4.5° to 3° creates a curved body profile that is resistant to impacts through the centre loading zone. Impact capping is included in the base design to protect the body walls from damage during loading. 

A customisable laminated rear floor plate provides additional resistance to berm dragging and paddock dumping. This enhanced protection serves to extend the life of the tub area subject to the greatest wear. 

Austin Engineering offers continued cost savings by providing outstanding product support and extensive warranties as well as comprehensive maintenance scheduling and on and off-site repairs.  

Reduced Dump Trucks Cycle Time Equals Increased Productivity 

The lowered V floor design, front corner transition plates, and extended canopy sides combine to ensure minimum carryback and complete tray emptying every dump cycle, even at ¾ tilt. The overall result is a quicker dump cycle time without reducing the total payload. Minutes off each cycle add up to have a significant impact over the course of a day, week or month.  

Adaptability to all Mining Applications and OEM Specifications 

No matter the resource, no matter the OEM, Austin Engineering can optimise your productivity. The HPT can be customised to suit all major manufacturers. These include Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and BelAZ. Austin HPT truck bodies are designed to comply with all OEM standard operating specifications and can be modified to suit existing OEM components. This means you can significantly upgrade your fleet and improve productivity without investing in new machines. One of Western Australia’s largest gold mines realised significant cost savings after upgrading its fleet to Austins Ultima truck bodies. The HPT promises even more flexibility and optimisation. The tray size can be payload matched and customised to job specifications to achieve optimal payload targets specific to each application.

Payload Matching 

Payload Matching is largely underestimated across the industry. Mismatches between loader buckets and dump truck bodies result in less than optimal-productivity. Traditionally, the easiest way to prevent such a mismatch is to invest in the same manufacturer across the work site. Austin Engineering can ensure your target payloads are reached by customising your HPT truck body to meet the specifications of your loading equipment regardless of the OEM of both the loader and heavy haulage machine. 

Optimise Operations with Enhanced Site & Staff Safety

Removing the longitudinal body taper affords an increase in payload spread across a lower centre of gravity. The lower centre of gravity results in improved vehicle stability when fully loaded. This enhances overall driveability and performance. Improved operator comfort, both on mining sites and on the highway, results in a reduction in the risk of damage to plant, equipment, and personnel. 

The addition of extended canopy sides provides greater spillage mitigation and further enhances site safety. Reduced overflow means less dump point restoration between cycles, which may result in a reduction in required manpower and machinery hours. 

Committed to your Company Success

Austin Engineering is committed to designing and manufacturing intelligent, innovative solutions that maximise productivity and profits for our clients. The HP Series is the latest advancement in Austin’s 50+ year relationship with the mining industry. It promises to further enhance the resource sector across the globe. Our innovative solutions maximise productivity and profits for our clients.


Our investors are important to us. We believe our core value proposition of being a global engineering solutions provider,
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