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WESTECH Stairway Access Tank

WESTECH Stairway Access Tank

Austin Engineering’s unique Westech Stairway Access Tank® module, unlike traditional water tank modules, has larger baffle openings with a direct line of travel to improve safety when performing confined space maintenance work.

Its innovative baffle design reduces surging and improves truck stability by up to 18%, increasing operator safety.

Features include:

  • Reduced confined space risk
  • More effective fluid surge control with interlocking corrugated baffle system
  • Baffles interlock (egg‑crate) together for increased structural integrity
  • Baffles are corrugated to increase stiffness
  • Stair access from the top of the water tank into the tank interior
  • Hinged access covers on fill port with integrated safety hand rails
  • Useable baffle openings with no doors
  • Direct line of travel through internal baffle compartments to stairway
  • No sloped tank floor to potentially entrap personnel
  • Preventive maintenance activities are safer, less costly, and more accessible
  • Optional ventilation fan system may be attached to ventilation ports
  • Tank sides channelled for strength
  • Large fill port located in a recessed channel behind the water dam
  • Trash screen on fill port
  • Tank bottom has a natural sump for ease of cleaning and tank draining
  • Gravity priming of the pump is assured as all Westech tanks have a flooded suction inlet

JEC Water Tanks

JEC Water Tanks

Austin Engineering’s JEC range of water tanks are designed with an innovative baffle which virtually eliminates the effects of surging and allows for a lighter-weight tank. This results in additional payload and less operating cost.

Tank access is ergonomic and safe and the large fill port, located in a recessed channel behind the water dam, ensures that any overfill flows away from the cab and deck to the rear of the truck.

Features include:

  • JEC tank structures designed around nominal capacities to mount to most off-highway prime movers
  • Fully raisable for maintenance utilising existing hoist cylinders
  • Tank deck painted with non-slip surface
  • Ladders and handrails conform to industry standards
  • Handrails include access landing and self-closing gate at entry to top deck area
  • Confined space signage adjacent to all tank internal access hatches
  • Manhole covers allow tank access and maintenance
  • Sacrificial anodes to all internal compartments
  • Modular pump assembly with vibration-isolated manual suction shut-off valve allowing pump module removal without draining water tank
  • Rear mounted spring rewind hose reel
  • Spray heads, individually controlled via cabin control box, can be coupled to Water Wise system
  • Remote control tank mounted water cannon on front of tank
  • Optional remote control tank mounted water cannon can be fitted to rear of tank
  • HID work lamps, fluorescent lighting to upper deck, LED tail light cluster and amber rotating beacons are all standard features
  • Fast-fill cubicle on top of tank with mesh strainer and rectangular funnel
  • Auxiliary bottom fill point with butterfly valve and camlock fitting allowing pump filling from sumps
  • Manual rapid dump valve suitable for flushing debris from tank
  • Sight level gauge visible from driver’s cabin with cabin mounted remote level indicator to driver’s cab
  • A proportional control valve is installed in the main water supply line to offer variable flow (optional)
  • The valve is controlled by a PLC operated from a cabin console, complete with manual override (optional)
  • The flow rate is defined by the road speed of the vehicle providing a signal to the PLC controller (optional)

Water Tanks for Any Mining Application

Suitable for 6 x 6 road articulated or off‑highway trucks, our water tank modules, for dust suppression or firefighting trucks, are heavy duty in their construction.

Available in 14,000 to 180,000 litre capacity, all spray equipment brands are available along with our Water Wise system. Our water tanks are designed and manufactured under the JEC and Westech brands.

The two styles of water tank have various features and benefits including carrying additional payload, being light weight and offering increased stability. We will assist you to select the style of water tank which best suits your unique application.

Both the JEC and Westech water tanks are able to be mounted on a variety of off‑highway truck chassis maintaining correct axle splits for load distribution.

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