Austin’s underground dump bodies are designed for high-production, low cost-per-tonne hauling in underground mining applications. The dump bodies are engineered for long-lasting performance, constructed from the highest quality, robust materials.


The JEC™ underground body features a lightweight, curved design to reduce material hang-up and overall operating costs.

Tub sizing is customised to suit site-specific conditions. All custom body designs meet OEM requirements for correct axle splits and gross vehicle weight specifications.

The JEC™ underground body can be mounted on a variety of underground truck chassis using the OEM hoist and pivot pins. Tubs are designed for easy installation to any OEM chassis, using the four lift points on the tub sides.

Other features include:

  • Solid impact bars in all upper surfaces to resist impact and wear and reinforce high-impact zones
  • Shallow angular transitions to all internal joints to minimise initiation of material hang-up
  • Redesigned wheel arches and increased dump angle to improve material flow
  • Large radius transitions and lowered profiles to reduce material hang-up
  • Inner side bolsters with high-strength radial transitions to minimise washout
  • Reinforced rear corner assembly for structural protection to high-impact areas
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced rear bolster for structural support while dumping


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