Customised DUMP Truck BODIES

Austin’s underground dump bodies are designed for high-production, low-cost-per-tonne hauling in underground mining applications. Austin dump bodies are engineered for long-lasting performance. Constructed from the highest quality, robust materials which optimise productivity now and into the future.


The JEC™ underground dump body features a lightweight, curved design to transport rock material safely while reducing material hang-up and overall operating costs.

Customised tubs are transforming mining productivity. Traditional underground dump trucks and bodies are designed to withstand general mining conditions without taking into account differences in environment, ground conditions or operational logistics. JEC™ underground dump bodies can be designed and manufactured to suit site and payload specific conditions and thereby optimise payload and dump cycles. Austins payload engineering experts can customise designs to meet the requirements for OEM underground mining equipment ensuring correct axle splits and gross vehicle weight specifications.

The JEC™ underground dump body can be mounted on any underground truck chassis using the OEM hoist and pivot pins. Tubs are designed for easy installation to any OEM chassis, using the existing points on the tub sides.

JEC™ Underground Mining Truck Body Features

1 Solid Impact plates

  • Considered design means solid impact bars have been added to all upper surfaces. Leading edges are progressively curved resulting in greater impact resistance and and reduced wear.

  • Reinforcing to high impact zones adds strength where it is needed most equating to enhanced durability for the entire structure.

2 Innovative Underground Dump Truck Body designs

  • Shallow angular transitions to all internal joints assists in minimising initiation of material hang-up and therefore cumulative carryback build up.

  • Redesigned smoother wheel arches and increased dump angle to improve material flow.

  • Large radius transitions and lowered profiles reduce material hang-up and therefore build up allowing for maximised payloads every dump cycle.

3 Reinforced Critical Areas

  • Single pressed piece inner side bolsters with high strength radial transitions minimise washout.

  • Reinforced rear corner assembly adds structural protection to high impact areas.

  • Heavy duty reinforced rear bolster adds structural support from damage while dumping in the field.

4 OEM Chassis connection

  • Designed to fit the OEM underground mining trucks chassis utilising the OEM hoist and pivot pins.

  • Reinforced rear beam and pivot structure.

  • Redesigned tub guide box and tub guides to increase strength in these critical areas.

  • Designed for easy installation to the OEM underground mining equipment chassis using four lift points positioned at the top edge of the tub sides.

Optimising Underground Mining Trucks 

Austin engineered dump truck bodies are designed and manufactured to optimise the performance of underground trucks and ultimately increase mining productivity. A customised dump body means tubs are manufactured to OEM specifications specific to each manufacturer. Light weight, sleek designs allows the underground vehicle to perform to its maximum potential without sacrificing payload or operator comfort. Austin tubs are installed using existing mounts so no vehicle modifications are required. Refined tub design can result in decreased vehicle wear overall and therefore reduced downtime and maintenance expenses

Enhanced Bodies For Underground Dump Trucks

JEC™ underground dump bodies use market leading technologies to enhance the design of traditional underground dump bodies. JEC™ bodies are custom engineered to maximise payload potential and acheive promised nameplate payload capacity while simultaneously increasing tub strength and longevity and reducing wear and tear.

Austin dump bodies are built lighter and stronger than traditional dump truck bodies and most OEM bodies. This means your total payload consists of less tub and more material. This increased dump capacity each cycle adds up to millions of dollars in revenue across the life of your customised tub.

Austin Engineering JEC™ dump bodies are built specifically to weather the extreme conditions endured by your underground fleet.

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Carryback Conquered

Material carryback builds up over time and can have a significant negative impact on payload capacities and dump cycle productivity. This can result in cumulative financial losses across an underground mining trucks lifespan. Austin Engineering’s committment to innovation means that our dump bodies are engineered using comprehensive virtual flow analysis and manufactured accordingly to overcome the carryback problem. Shallow angular transitions, moulded wheel arches and a curved tub floor combine to ensure smooth material flow and more complete tub emptying. Reduced carryback means minimal waste build up which results in greater payload efficiency and less frequent tub maintinence.

Maximised Payloads

Get the most out of your plant and equipment and maximise profits by achieving optimal payload potential and minimising operating costs with every dump cycle, without sacrificing strength, safety or equipment lifespan. 

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Why Choose an Austin Engineering Dump Truck Body

Trusted Global Leaders

With more than 50 years in the industry Austins are trusted by global leaders across the industry. Our goal is to help you optimise your operations and maximise your profitability.  Austin Engineering standby their core values, Safety, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Accountability, and Teamwork. We partner with your team and your business to produce high quality site specific solutions.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Austin Engineering use Finite Element Analysis and EDEM software to design, test and analyse our products in a virtual environment. This radically reduces in-field trial time and significantly reduces manufacturing costs. Virtual testing enables us to evolve with the rapidly moving mining industry and produce the highest quality products that are ready to meet the massive demands of the sector. 

Customer Driven Solutions

Austins have the technology and innovation required to deliver market leading mining solutions. Your business and your team understand the demands on the ground and under the ground. Our team works with you to gather the real-life data to build custom engineered solutions for your mine site.

Complete Service

Austins provide complete service from design to manufacturing and delivery, and include on and off site maintenance scheduling and service, which means you can trust the longevity of your investment.

Getting payload matching right


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