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JEC Excavator bucket design features:

  • 15% lighter than comparable designs.
  • Trapezoidal “tapered” side design. 
  • Unique separable upper to lower structure design.
  • Replaceable modular floor and side panels.
  • Linerless with full 450-500BHN lower structure. 
  • Fully customisable for any application.

Austin designs and manufactures mining excavator buckets to suit most OEM machines, ranging within the 100T to 900T class and  up to 50 m3 in size.

Lighter weight results in increased payload potential and maximising productivity.

Tapered bucket sides create less drag in operation, and therefore substantially reduce wear, and improve penetration and cycle times.

Replace the easily separable full lower assembly with a premanufactured or refurbished unit saving on costly downtime during major overhauls.

Replace the modular panels on an “as needed” basis. Customise each panel to suit your operation or extend maintenance intervals.

The overall structure combines high strength materials of varying grades in key areas for maximum fatigue life, durability, superior strength and abrasion resistance.

Our designs are customised for any specific application and to meet OEM specifications. This includes full interchangeability with standard componentry, design within machine operating envelopes and keeping within OEM maximum suspended load guidelines. *Patent pending

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