Austin’s water tanks are designed with an innovative baffle, virtually eliminating the effects of surging and creating a lighter weight tank. This results in additional payload and reduced operating costs.

Tank access is ergonomic and safe and the large fill port ensures that any overfill flows away from the cab and deck to the rear of the truck.

Other features include:

  • Hoist cylinders to fully raise the tank for maintenance
  • Non-slip surface on the tank deck
  • Access landing and self-closing gate to top deck area for increased safety
  • Manual suction shut-off valve allowing pump module removal without draining the water tank
  • Rear-mounted spring rewind hose reel
  • Spray heads controlled via cabin control box
  • Remote control tank-mounted water cannon
  • Fast fill cubicle with a mesh strainer and rectangular funnel
  • Auxiliary bottom fill point with butterfly valve and camlock fitting allowing pump filling from sumps
  • Manual rapid dump valve suitable for flushing debris from the tank


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