Maximise your fleet capabilities with custom truck bodies that are engineered and manufactured by an experienced team using the latest technology. Austin Engineering are industry leaders in dump body design, known for quality workmanship, we are trusted manufacturers of WESTECH™, JEC™, and ULTIMA dump truck bodies, as well as OEM-designed dump bodies. Our stronger, lighter custom tipper bodies are developed to meet OEM specifications enabling you to maximise the payload potential of your fleet.

Tough Truck Bodies

Austin truck bodies are tested extensively both virtually and in the field, you can trust your custom truck body to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining sector anywhere across the globe. All truck bodies are reinforced in the areas that need it most, effectively and efficiently reducing wear and tear and limiting maintenance and repairs.

Partners in Your Success

At Austin, we aim to optimise business performance and profitability by creating site and payload specific solutions. Our engineering design team partner with all of our customers to discuss their site and operational conditions, including material density and quality, hang-up history, and loading logistics. This partnership ensures quality job-specific solutions for your company.

Complete Service

Austin Engineering is committed to delivering reliable, quality customer service, all the way from design through manufacturing to maintenance, spare parts, and repairs.

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The WESTECH® range of dump bodies delivers reliability, durability, and efficiency. WESTECH® dump truck bodies are designed to lower operating costs and maximise fleet capabilities.

Westech dump truck bodies are available in three distinct body types—hard rock, coal, and coal/overburden combo. A variety of wear packages are available to suit specific mining and construction applications.

Why Choose Westech

  • Special-grade steel bolsters, ribs, and structural components for increased durability
  • Optimised welding for improved structural integrity
  • Maximised payload potential to suit gross vehicle weight for the lowest cost per tonne
  • Highly refined design proven to reduce hang up
  • Superior load stability and operator comfort for improved safety


    The WESTECH® Flow Control Body® has a revolutionary floor design that controls the flow of materials during the dumping cycle, keeping the load’s centre of gravity in front of the rear axle longer.

    This unique design reduces a surge of materials from the truck body and eliminates lift at the front of the truck, increasing stability and safety.

    Why Choose a Flow Control Truck Body:

    • Reduces dust generated during the dumping process
    • Extends body life by causing less friction on the floor
    • Enhances lift cylinder life by keeping them in compression
    • Improves crusher life and efficiency

    The WESTECH® Flow Control Body® is available for all truck brands and models in coal, coal/overburden combo designs.


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    The fully customisable Austin ULTIMA® dump truck body weighs less and is stronger than current OEM bodies which translates to a 10-15% weight saving without sacrificing payload. For worksites that demand an exceptional solution to machinery weight issues, look no further than the ULTIMA®.

    • Carries a greater payload
    • Reduction in carry-back
    • Delivers the lowest cost per tonne in the world market
    • “V” profile floor channel the load to the centre of the tray
    • Empty is achieved at ¾ tipping
    • Available in both “straight floor” and “flow control combo”
    • Meets all OEM Specifications

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    The JEC™ body is a lighter-weight modular design that improves payload and reduces overall operating costs.

    The truck bodies feature an easy-to-remove replaceable floor, eliminating the need for heavy-wear liner plates. This saving in overall body weight improves the carrying capacity and increases payload potential.

    Why Choose JEC

    • Lighter weight modular design
    • A replaceable canopy plate
    • A skeleton frame to last for the life of the truck
    • Curved internal transitions to reduce hang-up
    • Customised floor and sidewall thickness to suit the loading tool
    • Compliance with OEM specifications


    The JEC™-LD truck body is a high-performance dump truck body designed to increase productivity and reduce hang-ups.

    The body design is fully customisable to suit any mine-specific application and fatigue requirement and is available in both ‘straight floor’ and ‘combo gate-free’ designs to cater for fixed or varying specific gravity (SG).

    Other features include:

    • Optimised body structure for real-world loading conditions
    • A true 10–15% weight saving over standard conventional dump truck bodies
    • Increased fatigue resistance over conventional dump truck bodies
    • Tapered sides over the full length of the body resulting in less damage from loading equipment
    • Impact resistant plates
    • Large radius transitions assisting in the reduction of material carryback
    • Compatibility with all OEM chassis


    Our investors are important to us. We believe our core value proposition of being a global engineering solutions provider,
    built on decades of innovation and intellectual property that supplies quality products and manufacturing expertise
    to our clients will alllow us to take advantage of future opportunities.