Austin’s patented Stairway Access Tank (SAT) takes safety and stability to a new level. The innovative baffle design decreases the effects of surging, increasing truck stability and operator confidence.

Unlike traditional water tank modules, the SAT has larger baffle openings with a direct line of travel, improving the safety of confined space maintenance work. All baffled areas are easily accessed via large, in-line, doorless manways, making it easier to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

Other features include:

  • Interlocked, corrugated baffles for increased structural integrity for longer life
  • Stair access from the top of the water tank into the tank interior for improved safety
  • Larger baffle openings with a direct line of travel to improve safety when performing confined space maintenance work
  • Hinged access covers on fill port with integrated safety handrails
  • Flat tank floor to reduce personnel entrapment
  • Optional ventilation fan system for ventilation ports for reduced repair time
  • Tank sides channeled for strength for extended life
  • Large fill port located in a recessed channel behind the water dam improving productivity


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