New Stairway Access Tank is largest and safest

New Stairway Access Tank is largest and safest

Austin EngineeringTM recently delivered Australia’s largest water tank to an open-pit coal mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

The Stairway Access Tank

Designed and manufactured by Austin EngineeringTM, the Stairway Access Tank (SAT) is designed to increase safety on-site. It has an innovative stairway that improves access for maintenance personnel and, inside the tank, a corrugated baffle design that reduces surging to improve truck stability by up to 18%. The result is increased safety on-site for operators and all other personnel.

Custom-built to suit either 170mt (190t) or 220mt (240t) class haul trucks, the new Austin SAT features large access ports in the baffles, offering operators a direct line of travel inside the tank.

Cost-reduction & increased performance

Along with improving safety, this unique feature also reduces costs. It increases access and manoeuvrability for personnel and equipment inside the tank when they perform confined space maintenance work, saving time and, therefore, money.

Improved working conditions & safety

Additionally, to improve the worksite environment inside the tank during these maintenance periods, an air exchange system has been included in the design.

A large fill port, that incorporates a trash screen, is located in a recessed channel behind the water dam, and the tank bottom has a natural sump for ease of cleaning and tank draining.

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