Maximising fleet productivity with Austin’s condition monitoring software

Austin customers are able to access the most precise information on the condition of their truck trays and buckets through the Company’s industry-leading software, Mainetrack.

Mainetrack accurately detects the condition of equipment to determine wear and timing around replacement. 

The cutting-edge software was acquired by Austin through the Company’s purchase of Australian bucket specialist, Mainetec in 2022. Designed originally for Mainetec’s excavator and dipper buckets, the Austin team configured it for deployment on its truck tray range.

The Mainetrack device fits to Austin’s buckets and trays, allowing clients to instantly gain precise data and statistics around the equipment’s usage and wear. This data provides an accurate and vital understanding of when a bucket needs to be rebuilt, replaced or if it is running at its optimal ability. 

The software gives the most accurate picture of the health of Austin’s equipment, enabling customers to avoid a premature equipment replacement cycle. For example, the software may show that replacement is not required at a scheduled point and, instead of adhering to a scheduled replacement program, customers can defer the need for new equipment and capital spend.

The Mainetrack software provides Austin customers with a comprehensive overview of key asset information through an easy-to-use management app. 

Through the app, Mainetrack shows its users asset maintenance history and trends, captures wear rates, tracking and recording of asset information, tracking of the condition of assets and recorded damage, and provides downloadable reports for analysis and presentations.

The software also provides monthly wear measurement reports to predict when buckets will require a rebuild or replacement, and the app rapidly identifies buckets that need mid-life onsite repairs.

Austin’s CEO and Managing Director, David Singleton said: “This full-service reporting allows Austin’s customers to have a comprehensive understanding of their buckets and trays usage and history with the ability to set wear limits and maintenance forecasts. 

 “We are pleased to provide this extra service for our customers to assist with improved fleet and operational management, and to better utilise their equipment.”


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