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Austin’s committment to the mining industry

30 May 2024

Leading the Charge – Austin Making History at the Electric Mine Conference

30 May 2024
We are proud to reflect on The Electric Mine 2024 event’s success and our leading role in it. Our collaboration with Electric Power Conversions Australia (EPCA) showcased our commitment to pioneering the mining industry’s transition towards greater sustainability and efficiency. This event was a prime opportunity for us to demonstrate our innovative solutions and reaffirm our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mine electrification.
Our team at Austin Engineering was thrilled to collaborate with Perth-based EPCA, a leader in transforming diesel haul trucks into fully electric vehicles. This collaboration allowed us to showcase our innovative High Performance (HPT) truck tray mounted on a fully electric CAT 777 mining haul truck. The bright green Austin JEC High Performance (HPT) truck tray not only stood out visually in both size and colour, but also demonstrated its robust capabilities and alignment with sustainable mining practices.
The Austin HPT truck tray exemplifies what modern engineering can achieve. Known for its strength, lightweight design, and wear resistance, the HPT tray increases payload per tonne of material carried, significantly reduces maintenance downtime, and prolongs equipment lifespan. These features, coupled with EPCA’s large battery packs that boast longer life and faster charging, represent a significant step forward in operational efficiency and sustainability. Together, these technologies help reduce net carbon emissions, pushing the mining sector closer to its zero-emission goals.
The expo provided a vital platform for showcasing these innovations and facilitated valuable discussions on the future of mining. The Honourable Reece Whitby’s speech was particularly impactful, emphasizing the urgent need for the industry to adopt zero-emission technologies. Steven O’Hara, Austin’s Sales Manager – West, noted, “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and our readiness to work alongside end-users and other collaborators to deliver top-notch design and fabrication solutions.”
Reflecting on the success of The Electric Mine 2024, it’s clear that the path to a sustainable mining future is paved with innovation and collaboration. We at Austin Engineering are proud to lead the charge, proving that significant industry transformations are not only necessary but achievable.
We invite all stakeholders to continue this journey with us as we innovate and strive for excellence in every project. For more information on our products and future initiatives, contact our team. Together, we can achieve a sustainable and efficient mining future.

Although The Electric Mine 2024 has concluded, the journey towards sustainable mining continues. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision and innovations with the global mining community and eagerly anticipate what we can achieve together in the future.


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