hpt mining truck tray

Austin’s Lightest-Ever Truck Tray Launched

Global mining products business Austin Engineering Ltd has just launched its High Performance Truck Tray (HPT) range to the market.

The HPT is the Company’s lightest tray ever produced and promises a suite of improved efficiencies and advantages for Austin’s mining customers.

Perth-based Austin partners with mining companies, contractors and equipment manufacturers to create engineering solutions such as truck bodies, buckets and water tanks for multi-commodity underground and open cut operations.

It is the world leader in customised design, build and sustainment of mine site haul trucks trays, delivering trays to mining clients from its bases across Asia-Pacific, North and South America. It currently delivers around 600 truck bodies annually with capabilities and functions to suit multiple commodities and terrains.

Austin has made considerable investment in new products in the last 12 months, with its engineering teams using the latest innovation and technology to improve safety, productivity and reduce environmental footprint. The investment has led to the creation of the HPT and the light weight and linerless JEC High Performance (HP Series) bucket range.

The key features of Austin’s HPT design have improved the overall strength of the tray, weight, stability, and efficiency of the product with more payload and less carryback. These have been achieved through adjustments and reconfigurations to the floor styling, load height, ground clearance, side support, and tray side and front walls.

On payload advantage, Austin estimates 10 – 15 per cent mass savings over comparable Austin designs, significantly improving productivity, and potentially fuel usage, for the end user.

All of Austin’s products are design-flexible, fully customisable and compliant. The HPT can be adapted to suit any mine-specific application and OEM make or model. Interchangeability also exists in regard to standard OEM componentry and machine attachment.

“Austin is known and recognised for its lightweight truck trays, but this is our lightest tray yet, and we’re extremely proud of our engineering and manufacturing teams on this design to meet the requirements of our customers. One of the biggest advantages is the HPT’s extra payload capabilities.

One of our major customers reported 7.3 tonnes more payload per journey. The customer calculated that it could carry $2.8 million dollars of ore per truck tray, per year, which is a significant impact efficiency and dollars-wise for mining companies,” said Austin Managing Director and CEO, David Singleton.

While Austin reported a lift in both tray and bucket sales in full year 2022, the new product ranges are expected to boost sales globally. Austin’s customer base will be broadened through the recent acquisition of private Australian mining equipment manufacturer, Mainetec Pty Ltd, which has added the Hulk range of high performance mining buckets to complement its JEC HP range.

First HPT trays in operation by end of month

The first production run of HPTs is now commencing manufacturing in Austin’s major Kewdale facility in Perth.

The first trays will be being fitted to Komatsu trucks before delivery to customer mine sites and into operation by the end of November 2022.

Maximising fleet capabilities

For more than half a century, Austin has been designing and manufacturing loading and hauling solutions for the mining industry. Its major manufacturing sites in Australia, Indonesia, North America and South America produce Austin’s major haul truck body brands including Westech, Westech PREMIER, JEC, JEC-LD and the popular ULTIMA tray range.


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