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Austin’s committment to the mining industry

15 Sep 2023

Austin’s High-Performance Truck Tray (HPT) at cutting-edge of design and engineering

15 Sep 2023

Austin Engineering’s High-Performance Truck Tray (HPT) represents the next generation in truck tray design and engineering and positions Austin as a leader in the manufacture of customised lightweight truck trays for enhanced operational efficiency.

Austin’s HPT is its lightest tray ever manufactured and offers a broad range of improved efficiencies and features to the mining industry.

Austin is the world leader in customised design, build and sustainment of mine site haul truck trays, delivering trays to mining clients from its bases across Asia-Pacific, North and South America. Austin currently delivers around 600 truck bodies annually with capabilities and functions to suit multiple commodities and terrains.

The HPT’s payload advantage is one of its key features. Compared to Austin’s ULTIMA product, HPT delivers on average an extra 45,000 tonnes of ore carried per tray annually, with 7.3 tonnes more payload. The HPT also utilises less steel in its manufacture and sees a decline in overall fuel and tyre usage and reduces carbon emissions per tonne of ore delivered.

The HPT features a state-of-the-art “V” floor configuration that provides multiple benefits over traditional tray options. The HPT enhances the flow by funnelling loads towards its centre during dumping. This unique feature reduces wear, improves stability, and ultimately reduces dump cycle times through three-quarter tipping.

The HPT’s unique design also increases the structural integrity of the tray and provides superior impact and wear resistance which results in a lower maintenance cost for users. The simplified structure of the HPT designs means that manufacturing and in-field serviceability is also significantly improved relative to conventional truck trays.

Austin’s HPT is designed to improve function in every aspect for customers, with the  tray providing a 10-15 percent mass saving over comparable designs with real-world modelling techniques having been utilised to ensure the highest level of productivity and savings for users.

The tray has not only been designed against real-world payload modelling techniques but has also been tested against advanced 3D modelling software to ensure that the HPT performs at its required level. Austin has tested every aspect of the HPT, from load simulations to optimal fatigue life testing with the latest software.

Austin utilises a process of continuous improvement to ensure all its tray designs are structurally fit for purpose.

“Austin is known and recognised for its lightweight truck trays, but this is our lightest tray yet, and we’re extremely proud of our engineering and manufacturing teams on this design to meet the requirements of our customers. One of the biggest advantages is the HPT’s extra payload capabilities. A major customer calculated that it could carry $2.8 million dollars of ore per truck tray, per year, which is a significant impact efficiency and dollars-wise for mining companies.”

Austin Managing Director and CEO, David Singleton.


Austin’s HPT provides a fully customisable option for customers, with Austin’s TX-1 body design allowing adaptable solutions for mine-specific applications.

The HPT is designed to comply with all OEM machine limitations and is interchangeable with OEM componentry and machine attachments, this provides a flexible and convenient solution for users.


Austin’s HPT has already been tried and tested by customers with the first trays having been fitted to Komatsu trucks before being delivered to customer mine sites.


We Operate Where You Operate

Mining companies, contractors and OEMs throughout the world are using Austin products to help operations become more effective.

Growing Shareholder Value

We are committed to growing the business and shareholder value by maintaining our position as a market leader in global engineering solutions. Austin is built on decades of innovation and intellectual property to supply the highest quality products and manufacturing expertise to our clients.


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