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Batam - Indonesia



Jl. Mas Surya Negara Kav. B2, Kawasan
Industrial Terpadu Kabil Batu Besar
Nongsa, Batam, 29467 Indonesia


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Batam - Manufacturing Capabilities

PT Austin Engineering Indonesia’s Batam facility has in house capabilities for plasma cutting, pressing, manufacturing, blasting and painting. Our current workshops are well suited to deliver large production runs of mining truck bodies, buckets and water tanks.

The Austin facility is perfectly located within the Terpadu Kabil, Batu Besar, Nongsa Industrial estate with the ability to expand into nearby facilities if customer demand dictates. We also have access to high quality labour in the region allowing us to scale up or down to meet our customer’s needs.

Our focus is to build all products within our own Austin facility. However, if the need arises to meet client delivery schedules, we can outsource material processing and sub assembly manufacturing to pre-qualified local sub-contractors on Batam island.

The Kabil Industrial estate has its own port facilities allowing for a seamless export experience with Austin product loaded out directly onto LCT’s or geared breakbulk cargo vessels.

We have the advantage of being able to utilise the Batam, manufacturing facility as overflow and additional capacity/support for other regions, including the Australian market. With a successful history of multiple large volume orders built and shipped to meet clients expectations.


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