Pilbara Hire Transitions to Austin Engineering Site Services

West Australian based mine site services provider Pilbara Hire will be taking a new direction in October 2015. This is the date at which Pilbara Hire will begin operating under the new name of Austin Engineering Site Services. Integrating with its parent company, leading mining product designer and manufacturer Austin Engineering, will not alter the way Pilbara Hire currently operates. Pilbara Hire General Manager Brad Higgins said, “The name change is intended to enhance the company’s offering to our customers and allow us to focus on increasing the support for Austin Engineering’s mining products”. “As Austin Engineering Site Services, our team’s experience and ability to deliver projects on-time and safely will enable us to maintain relationships with our loyal customers and help us to build new ones”, Brad said. “Our new brand provides a clear picture to our clients and future employees about who the company is and what we stand for”, he said. The Austin Site Services model is already working successfully in Chile and Colombia where Austin Engineering’s extensive range of mining products are supported by maintenance teams on-site working directly with the client.


Our investors are important to us. We believe our core value proposition of being a global engineering solutions provider,
built on decades of innovation and intellectual property that supplies quality products and manufacturing expertise
to our clients will alllow us to take advantage of future opportunities.