Experience speaks volumes

We know your buckets may have outperformed everything that has gone before, this is why we have developed the JEC High-Performance Series.

Lower penetration forces by design. Engineered to reduce weight, minimise drag, increase payload and improve cycle times. Configured for faster refurbishment, reduced operational downtime, improved productivity and increased production. Award winning design.


We know that bucket
overhaul is a problem

So we designed the JEC HP Series with maintenance and refurbishment front & centre

The choice is yours; Replace the modular panels on an “as needed” basis. Customise each panel to suit your operation or extend maintenance intervals.


When it comes time
for a major overhaul

Austin can offer quick turnaround times by replacing the full lower assembly with a premanufactured or refurbished unit saving on costly production downtime.


We hold spares &
guarantee costs
- That’s fair!


We know safety is the
top of your mind

- So it’s top of ours as well

Lightweight aluminum pin retaining end caps eliminate manual handling issues.

Mechanically attached corner heel wear blocks eliminates hot work on-site.

We know about stored energy risk, so we’ve designed the structure to eliminate wear plates.


We know you
are engineers

- So here is the detail;

> The JEC HP Series can be supplied in standard configuration or tailored to your mine specific requirements.

> We have designed and built over 1000 buckets for all machines including Excavator’s, LHD’s, Wheel Loader’s, Face Shovels and Dippers. Whatever you have we can design and build a JEC HP bucket to suit your needs.

> Ground Engaging Tools – No Problem - Our buckets can be configured to utilise any preferred system.

> Buy or lease with a maintenance package, the choice is yours.


Q: Is the HP Series customisable for my mine?

A: The JEC HP Series can be supplied in standard configuration or
designed specific for your mine.

Q: What OEM machine models can you produce HP Series buckets for?

A: We have built over 1000 buckets for just about every machine and model – whatever you have we can build you a JEC HP Bucket in normal or armoured configuration.

Q: What GET attachments can be selected?

A: We can customise to meet any GET configuration and preference. We have a 40 year history of proving our engineering accommodates this into performance design – Design Matters



Austin has been providing custom-engineered solutions to the mining industry for over 40 years. Our understanding of application-specific engineering has helped businesses around the world change how they work.

Take a look at how our customers are using HP Buckets in their operations.


Sounds expensive

- Think again!

We are continuing our investment in advanced
manufacturing with the aim of supplying
consistent high quality and good pricing.

It’s what we do every day!

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