Austin designs and manufactures rope shovel dippers with capacity up to 71 m3. Our dippers are optimised to suit specific mining applications and improve digging efficiency. They can be constructed to suit all available brands and styles of lip and G.E.T.

Our designs feature a fully customisable internal liner kit, which can be modified to suit specific applications, and upgraded welded connections to increase peak lifespan.

Other features include:

  • Changeable angle of attack during operation
  • Adjustable pitch brace assembly
  • Bail arm with heavy-duty construction
  • Lip castings fully gauged prior to installation for correct fitment of ground engaging tools (G.E.T.)
  • Dipper door assembly with internal wear protection
  • Snubber assembly
  • Induction hardened pins and manganese bushings
  • Replaceable heel bands


Our investors are important to us. We believe our core value proposition of being a global engineering solutions provider,
built on decades of innovation and intellectual property that supplies quality products and manufacturing expertise
to our clients will alllow us to take advantage of future opportunities.