Austin designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of dual-arm and three-arm tyre handlers, ranging from 1,800 kg to 15,000 kg capacity.

Our tyre handlers are suitable for surface and underground equipment.


Austin’s Dual-Arm Tyre Handler range provides a safer, more efficient way to perform tyre maintenance on earthmoving equipment.

Our Dual-Arm Tyre Handlers are fully adaptable to loaders, telehandlers and tool carriers. They incorporate standard features, such as body and pad rotation combined with side shift function and a quick hitch for convenience. Accessories such as crane jibs and fork frames can also be added.

Other features include:

  • 30° main body rotation (hydraulic cylinder)
  • 120° pad rotation
  • Heavy-duty slew ring for body rotation
  • Four-function control box for operation
  • Hydraulic kit, including flow and pressure control module
  • Safety fall-back arrestors attached inside tyre handler grab arms
  • Stop blocks on pad and body rotation as a fail-safe in the event of hydraulic actuating cylinder failure
  • Innovative clamp pads for greater grabbing force of wet and slippery tyres
  • Horizontal to vertical tyre and rim rotation
  • An optional overpressure alarm system for detecting unsafe clamping practises


Austin’s T3 Tyre Handler is an innovative design requiring no conventional pad rotation. This reduces the extended centre of gravity during operation, making them compatible with smaller, more compact machinery.

The clamp cylinders are fully hidden to maximise visibility and accessibility around the tyre handler during tyre manipulation.

Other features include:

  • Ability to slew for correct alignment of rim stud holes and valve stems
  • Fully adjustable clamp arms for a range of tyre and rim combinations
  • Main body rotation (hydraulic cylinder)
  • Safety lock valves fitted to all cylinders
  • Heavy-duty slew ring for body rotation
  • Low-profile clamp pads for easy access to confined clearances
  • Optional high-power LED work lights
  • Optional camera with cab-mounted monitor
  • Simultaneous clamping of arms in three directions simultaneously
  • Attachment lugs allowing forward rotation for clamping tyres on the ground in a horizontal position



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