• Austin wins in Sweden

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    Austin Engineering has placed second overall and also awarded the Peoples’ Choice Award at the prestigious 2019 Swedish Steel Awards for its unique two-piece excavator bucket.

    First awarded in 1999, the Swedish Steel Prize is an international award for companies, institutions and individuals in the steel industry. For 20 years it has been recognising and rewarding those that have developed a method or product that fully utilises the potential of high-strength, wear resistant and other premium steels. The 2019 competition attracted 64 entries from 23 countries around the globe.

    An independent professional jury assesses the entries by considering their applicability, profitability, environmental benefits, performance, innovation and creativity.

    Two-piece excavator bucket model
    Austin Engineering has taken a significant leap in innovation for the design and maintenance of excavator buckets. With a modular approach, they have developed an innovative concept that combines low weight with optimal use of the complete product before scrapping. The solution utilises the characteristics of high strength and wear resistant steel and has extremely low barriers for implementation.
    – According to the jury

    The two-piece bucket was developed and manufactured in Australia by Austin Engineering from a concept design by Supply Chain Manager Johnny Greer, following a request from a customer for a safer, linerless bucket.

    Austin at Swedish Steel Awards

    The new bucket features a reusable upper section and a consumable lower segment designed for quick and safe bucket change-outs during scheduled maintenance intervals. The reusable upper section has been designed to maintain overall structural integrity of the assembly for a predetermined service life through multiple change-outs of the lower, consumable, section. 

    Baseline service life for the upper section service is anticipated to be in the vicinity of 30,000 hours; approximately 4-5 years based on industry expectations of conventional one-piece buckets of similar size and capacities.  This could reduce total cost of ownership of the bucket by 25-30 percent.

    The two-piece bucket is a game changer,” said managing director Peter Forsyth “and shows the mining industry around the world that we, as a company, have the skills and technology to design, develop and produce world class equipment.

    Austin wins 2019 Swedish Steel Awards

    Austin Engineering was up against some exceptional technology in this year’s competition from world leader steel fabricators including Kampang from Brazil for its feeder modules for axial grain harvesters used in soybean farming, metal solar roofs that produce electricity by Roofit Solar from Estonia, and the Shape Corporation from the US for its robust manufacturing process for 3D shaped tubes.

  • Austin Engineering wins big at the Swedish Steel Prize 2019

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    Austin Engineering from Australia has won the People’s Choice Award 2019.

    The People’s Choice Award was judged by the general public, who voted for their favourite amongst all four of this year’s Swedish Steel Prize finalists. Austin Engineering and their revolutionary Two-Piece Mining Excavator Bucket, has emerged victorious, with 2,315 votes – of the total votes of around 4,800. Austin Engineering is recognised with this prestigious honour because they have shown proof of good engineering and innovation through the optimised use of steel.

    The Two-Piece Mining Excavator Bucket represents a significant leap in innovation for the design, maintenance and safety of excavator buckets.“It has a modular design and defined joint configuration between the upper and lower assemblies that allows for quick and efficient change-out during maintenance intervals. This clearly opens up for further bucket design innovations.
    – Swedish Steel Prize Spokesperson


    Is the only international award for ideas and products that have an impact on future steel solutions, and it attracts competitors from across the world. Austin Engineering joins an exclusive club of leaders and innovators in the steel industry.

  • Austin Westech: a 50-year relationship with the global mining industry

    September 5th, 2019 | by
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    Westech has been designing and manufacturing customised mining truck bodies for more than fifty years.  Peter Forsyth, Austin’s managing director, reflects on building specialty OEM equipment for the mining industry worldwide.

    “One would have to wonder if the guys at Westech knew what they were getting into when they expanded into building off-road mining truck bodies in 1969.  What were their plans and what were the goals because today, some fifty years on, Westech bodies are still leading the world in design, construction and performance.”

    Speaking at a recent function to mark the company’s half-century milestone, Mr Forsyth said “since the first bodies rolled off the production line in 1969 the business had established and maintained a strong reputation for innovation and performance”.

    In June 2011, at Peabody Energy’s North Antelope Rochelle coal mine in the U.S. a body designed and manufactured by Westech for a Liebherr T282C Ultra Class haul truck set a record at 405.78 tonnes (447.3 tons), or a volume of 470.35M3 (615.2 cubic yards). The Guinness World Book of Records officially recognised the record on July 19, 2011.

    “Then came the patented design of the Flow Control Body® with its revolutionary floor design to control the flow of material during dumping as well as improve the overall stability of the truck,” Mr Forsyth said.  “The Flow Control Body still remains one of the industry’s most significant design and safety features for mining truck bodies.”

    The company has shipped around 12,000 bodies since 1969.  It provides bodies for all the major OEM truck builders, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Hitachi plus underground mining equipment OEMs including Sandvik and Atlas Copco.

    In 2007, Westech was acquired by Brisbane-based Austin Engineering in a move which gave Westech additional manufacturing capabilities (through the buyer’s plants in Australia and South America) and also helped both companies to increase their overall market reach.  (Westech also had a licensee agreement with Austin Engineering prior to the acquisition.)

    “The acquisition was a good fit with us and complemented our own growing range of engineered mining industry equipment,” said Peter Forsyth.  “It also expanded our technical and design capabilities and gave us direct access to the extensive experience bank Westech had build up since delivering its first body in 1969.”

    Today, Austin Engineering is the world’s largest non-OEM designer and manufacturer of mining dump truck bodies.  The company also designs and manufacturers excavator and wheel loader buckets, water tanks, tyre handlers and other specialised mining machinery attachments for the global mining sector.

    For further information, Austin Engineering Australia.  P: 61 7 3723 8600

  • New Stairway Access Tank is largest and safest

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    Austin Engineering recently delivered Australia’s largest water tank to an open pit coal mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

    Designed and manufactured by Austin Engineering, the Stairway Access Tank (SAT) has an innovative stairway that improves access for maintenance personnel and, inside the tank, a corrugated baffle design that reduces surging to improve truck stability by up to 18%.  The result is increased operator and site safety.

    Custom-built to suit either 170mt (190t) or 220mt (240t) class haul trucks, the new Austin SAT features large access ports in the baffles, giving a direct line of travel inside the tank.

    Along with improving safety this unique feature also reduces costs and increases access and manoeuvrability for personnel and equipment inside the tank when performing confined space maintenance work.

    Additionally, to improve the worksite environment inside the tank during maintenance periods an air exchange system has been included in the design.

    A large fill port, that incorporates a trash screen, is located in a recessed channel behind the water dam and the tank bottom has a natural sump for ease of cleaning and tank draining.

    For more information, Austin Engineering.  P: 1800 996 491  E: . www.austineng.com


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